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mystery box lxh

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the unknown with our brand new creation: the Mystery Box of Caps!
Are you ready to add a touch of intrigue and style to your collection?

How it works

1. Order

Order your LXH Mystery Box worth €39 to discover LXH or add a new cap to your collection.

Are you afraid of coming across a cap that you already own? Add a comment to your order by clicking on “Add a note” in your cart!

2. Selection

Each mystery box contains an adult cap worth €60 to €180 carefully selected by our team.

The selection covers all the caps present on our site, i.e. more than 200 references!

It is always accompanied by its storage pouch worth €15.

3. surprise

Imagine the thrill of the wait, the excitement of unpacking your box to discover which cap is waiting for you inside.

From classic look to bold style, let us surprise you and enjoy your unboxing.

End of box

Offer ends soon. Take advantage while you still can!