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Our commitment is to provide a warm and accessible customer experience, where exceptional quality and perfect fit are essential standards.

Our history

“In search of a cap combining elegance and quality, I never found what I was looking for.

I wanted to wear a nice cap, that I could match with my outfits, whether casual during the day or dressy in the evening.

I promised myself to create the product that would transcend fleeting trends to become a timeless legacy.”

Lucas Tourrasse - Founder

After a year of passionate effort and 17 prototypes later... Lucas created the ideal cap, symbol of the soul of travel and the refinement of the French Riviera.

Thus was born LXH, a Brand aiming to transcend fashion accessories to create exceptional pieces. LXH, for “Length X Height”, reflects the perfect measurements of the Brand’s creations.

Lucas' initial cap marked the beginning of a collection inspired by travel, guided by a commitment to quality and heritage, which will evolve with the seasons and trends.

Through our creations, we celebrate the art of living . This lifestyle , inspired by travel and the French Riviera, the Brand's homeland, is characterized by products that combine comfort and chic .

The LXH universe

Symbol of an authentic heritage that is passed down from generation to generation, we celebrate perfection , a reflection of each of our creations .



LXH means “Length X Height”, in reference to the original measurements used to shape each new creation of the Brand.
We pay particular attention to the cutting of the products which must be perfect.


Beyond the rigorous selection of materials, our creations are distinguished by exceptional attention to detail. This demonstrates a search for perfection without compromise.


High standards and attention to detail embody our fundamental principles.
Superior product quality begins with a meticulous choice of materials.

Our selective approach is anchored in a quest for excellence, opting for materials ranging from the noblest to the most innovative, in order to design products that last over time.